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Right. You are about to sign up for my email list. In other words, you are letting me have your email address so I can email you things. The things I am likely to email you are 1) emails (cor!); 2) links to videos and audios; 3) links to .pdfs or text files of things I've written; 4) pictures; 5) marketing information on my latest book or my backlist. If I'm planning to email you anything else, I'll tell you in advance.

I will not misuse your data. That means I will not spam you, nor sell your data nor do anything else against any regulations* of the EU, UK, USA or anybody else for that matter. I am painfully law-abiding and am far too confused by the most basic technology to do anything hacky (is that a word?)

If you're worried about your data, or can't think how you got here or have any worries at all, please DON'T SIGN UP. The only people I want on my email list are the people who are happy to be there and are interested in my books, my writings and me.

You'll notice there isn't a sign up gift. I regularly email to my list .pdfs of things I've written, and will continue to do so - all sorts of goodies like past articles, potential prologues to books, bits I've cut out, short stories... sometimes entire books in .mobi file form. Do you really need a bribe just to sign up? I don't think so.    

I'm looking forward to emailing you - and getting your emails in return. I deal with it myself because I love interacting with my fans this way!


Patricia Finney

*GDPR - EU General Data Protection Regulations. Since I couldn't find Mailchimp's handy cut-and-paste data policy information, I had to make this up. 
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